Soetdoring Vakansie Plaas

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Soetdoring Vakansie Plaas is a brilliant caravan park that is situated in a preserved area where tranquility and calm that only well conserved trees can provide.

On our recent trip up to Botswana, we needed a stopover for a night, and what better caravan park outside Vereeniging on our route from KwaZulu-Natal to choose from! Soetdoring Vakansie Plaas offers excellent facilities, exceptionally friendly owners, and an atmosphere second to none.

We arrived at Soetdoring on the Wednesday evening just before the Easter long weekend, and to our surprise, well over fifty percent of the park was already occupied. The majority of campers had already been there for a number of days, and most were booked in for the Easter Weekend. There was nothing but incomparable praise from these guys on Soetdoring Vakansie Plaas. Spotless – spotless – spotless is all that I can say! There was not even a leaf out of place!

Soetdoring Vakansieplaas is located in Lenteland just outside Falconridge in Vereeniging, and for a great weekend breakaway, or your annual holiday, Soetdoring Vakansie Plaas is without a doubt an excellent choice!

The resort offers for caravanners and campers:

• Bird & Wild life watching
• Early morning and late afternoon game drives (on reservation)
• Hike and Mountain Bike routes (Free)
• Mountain bikes can be hired if necessary
• Outdoor chess set
• Large heated outdoor pool
• Playground for children
• Trampolines

The resort is exclusively for campers. No day visitors, pets or 4-wheel bikes are allowed.
Soetdoring Vakansie Plaas
The ablutions are spotless with a family bathroom that doubles up as a bathroom for the physically disabled, a small shop, braai facility at each site as well as 220v with 15amp outlets, paved sites that are tent peg friendly, and water points that are close to each site. What more do you want?

And, on top of it all – the kids were all having an absolute ball!

What makes Soetdoring Vakansie Plaas so exceptional is that the owners, Riaan and Cat Benade are always visible and interact with the campers all the time. And that is what makes Soetdoring Vakansie Plaas unmatched beyond compare!

We love Soetdoring – you’ll love it too!
Soetdoring Vakansie Plaas Soetdoring Vakansie Plaas
Soetdoring Vakansie Plaas Soetdoring Vakansie Plaas
Soetdoring Holiday Farm
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